Sew Chic Academy is a website that provides sewing tutorials. While we teach professionalism and its ability to make you profitable we are not promising that one or all of the classes here will in fact, make you profitable or professional. There are many things that go into becoming profitable, we believe that making quality garments is one of them, but cannot promise that you will become profitable by making quality garments.

Sew Chic Academy is not an accredited college & courses taken here will not transfer to a college.

Our tutorials are for personal use and entertainment only.

We strive to produce smart and skilled fashion designers. If at any time you feel we are failing at this mission, please connect with us, because we adore the fashion community so much.

We take no responsibility for anyones inability to produce a garment or pattern after taking on of our courses. While we believe, "its so easy, you can do it," we understand that fashion design is a skill that takes some people longer than others to develop. If you have take 2 courses and still cannot produce a pattern or garment, please connect with us, so that we may guide you and help you in anyway we can.

Thank you so much for joining this community. We adore you, and we cannot wait to create something beautiful with you!