The Designer's Kit

The Skills You Need to Make Your Clothing Line Professionally

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"This is a good course to get your feet wet in the fashion designer world!"

- Natosha, Patternmaking: Knit Skirt Bloc Class

You want to start a clothing line, but you don't know where to start. There's 2 things you need to know:




This class gives you a crash course on the fundamental basics of these very two subjects!

The Designer's Kit is a package of two awesome video classes that teach you everything you need to design and craft your own clothes in less than 2 weeks!

I crafted this package with the budding designer in mind. Whether you plan to start a clothing line and make everything in your home, or you want to outsource all of your work to a large factory, this class will give you the domain knowledge you need in sewing and patternmaking to make that happen.

Each class is a step-by-step video course, with a comments section so that you can ask me any questions as you learn.

The designer's package comes with two classes:

The Patternmaking Knit Skirt Bloc class and the Mermaid Skirt Class.

In the Patternmaking class, you learn how to make a custom skirt (stretch) pattern fit for YOUR body. In the Mermaid Skirt class, you take that pattern bloc, and you turn it into a mermaid skirt pattern! Cool right!

What you learn:
How to make a pencil skirt
How to make a circle skirt
How to make your own patterns from clothes you have hanging in your closet
How to sew
How to sew elastic
Pattern manipulation
How to adjust patterns for fit

Who is this class good for?
People that are ready to sell their clothes or start a clothing line
People that are sick of buying patterns

And the best part is, this class is RISK FREE! Not happy in 14 days, you get all of your money BACK!

Part 1: Making your Skirt Pattern

In this session you learn to make your own customized skirt pattern using the tracing technique. This is a very useful patternmaking technique used by the professionals at major fashion production studios. It allows you to learn pattern making in a less complicated way, one that will empower you and spark your design creativity!

After this lesson you can turn any garment in your closet into a pattern!


This pattern bloc can be used to make skirts in any style (yes, ANY style) as well as pants and dresses!

Major Keys:

  • You can make your own patterns for your clothing line, saving THOUSANDS in production costs (one garment pattern can cost you $600! eek!)
  • You can stop buying patterns, and make your own!

Part 2: Mermaid Skirt

Taking sewing classes in the community or even college will leave you with a tote bag, or some ugly garment that you'd never wear. In this class, you learn how to use your pattern bloc to make a beautiful customized mermaid skirt. This is a process called pattern manipulation, and its essential to learning how to build custom designs.

Major Keys:

  • Make a beautiful garment that you can wear or SELL!
  • Learn to make the most popular silhouette in bridal and prom, the MERMAID! aka MAJOR MONEY!
  • Take your sewing skills to the next level by learning hemming techniques, waistband techniques and finishing techniques to make your garment of good quality.
  • Improve on your pattern making skills!

Your Instructor

Holly Sanders
Holly Sanders

Sewin', dreamin' & living every chance I get!

For 5 years I taught people all over the world how to sew and now I am here to build a community that fosters the growth and success of aspiring fashion designers + their businesses.

I am a premium denim designer, building a denim company in Hollywood. I have designed my line with little money, and not a whole lot of support, but I have designed the most beautiful jeans ever made, and will mass produce and launch in 2018!

Why fearless?! Because growing up, I never thought I could be a fashion designer, I thought it was too hard, too competitive, too expensive and to top it all off, I could not draw.

It wasn't until I graduated with a degree in journalism and went to fashion school that I realized, it was okay to have big dreams, because I do have great ideas, I'm creative, I'm smart, I'm passionate and I have something to offer the fashion design world!

I moved to la one year ago to build my denim brand, and it has been quite the journey. I believe that my jeans will change the world of fashion! But what's most important to me is what I can give to others what it took me 25 years to find, confidence in achieving a fulfilling fashion career.

I am currently designing my own line of jeans and jumpers, and I sat and asked myself, what are the two greatest skills that helped me start my business. And the answer is this class right here.

Now you won't learn how to make jeans, in fact, I only teach you how to make 3 types of skirts (a straight skirt, pencil skirt and mermaid skirt), but I teach you the TOOLS you need to make so much more.

I put so much thought and work into this class to make sure that you could become profitable with the skills in this class.

Mermaid silhouettes were the most requested when I was a bridal consultant, and its also SUPER requested for prom. So you'll be ready to make prom dresses and wedding gowns with these same skills!


Don't waste anymore time looking through YouTube tutorials and scrounging through those flimsy patterns at Joanns, learn to make your own crap right here, right now!


Courses Included with Purchase

Patternmaking: Skirt Bloc (Knit)
Make Your Own Customized Skirt Pattern
Holly Sanders
Mermaid Skirt Class
Make a Custom Fit Mermaid Skirt and Pattern!
Holly Sanders

Original Price: $106

"I'm learning how to use my sewing machine and many of your vids have help me immensely!"

- Karla Garcia, YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions

I am an absolute beginner, can I take this class?
Yes, this class was made for the beginner, using the techniques I learned in college =)
Is this good for people of all sizes?
Yes! I teach you how to make patterns for YOUR BODY and as you build your skill, I give tips on how to make them for clients =)
What sewing machines do I need?
A standard sewing machine is all you need.
When does the course start?
As soon as you enroll =)
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in 14 days and I will give you a full refund.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What do I need to take the classes?
You will need patternmaking and sewing supplies, all of which I have the links and information to in the courses.

Learn how to turn your ideas into garments WITHOUT hunting for flimsy patterns!

Save thousands, per garment, in pre-production work!

Give yourself the skills to make major money during bridal and prom season!

Get started now!