Welcome to Sew Chic Academy!

My name is Holly Rose & Im the voice & teacher here at Sew Chic Academy...

I had returned home from Army basic training and I saved up all this money to buy my first sewing machine. I was so tired of wearing the uniform 24/7 and I was SO ready to wear fashionable clothing again! Sewing was so much fun to me and I was really excited to share my projects with other creative girls via YouTube.

When my Bandage Dress Tutorial hit 200k views I knew that what I was doing could be so much bigger and better than I ever thought.

I was receiving messages from people all over the world (speaking many different languages), about how they were inspired by me to start sewing & it made me feel like I was doing the right thing. So I went to college to become a fashion designer (after getting my degree in journalism ;) )

I never intended to become a fashion designer, or better, a fashion design & business coach, but after doing something I loved for 4 years, my heart kinda brought me here.

You may be like me, just happy with the simple things, sewing a skirt, making some cute dresses, but what if those simple things can be your livelihood? What if you could make a living doing the simple things that make you happy? Thats why I created Sew Chic Academy, to help women and men lead a life that they didnt even know they could live!

I give you all the questions I didn’t have answered when I was starting out & I share the industry knowledge of my friends.

I want you to feel happy, special, talented and empowered, by helping you Create Something Beautiful!

If you want to live a creative life that pays your bills, if you want to be your own boss & wake up excited to do your work, you must become a member of Sew Chic Academy where I teach people just like you how to be fashion designers.

Are you chasing your dreams? Or are your dreams chasing you?

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