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The Beginner's Studio

Become a profitable & professional fashion designer

No sewing machine?

No experience?


All of the basics of sewing taught here! Always free, and updated weekly.

I start by showing you the basics of shopping for a sewing machine, and add new content every single month to include my most popular YouTube videos like, "Finding the Right Size Stitch" and "Sewing Elastic".

Having the right foundation in your education is key to being a professional fashion designer, and Im giving it to you for free here, because that's how important it is to me!

Lessons are equipped with PDF downloads, video instruction and a comment section so that I can help you with your creative bumps in the road.

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Your Instructor

Holly Sanders
Holly Sanders

Sewin', dreamin' & living every chance I get!

For 5 years I taught people all over the world how to sew and now I am here to build a community that fosters the growth and success of aspiring fashion designers + their businesses.

"I'm learning how to use my sewing machine and many of your vids have help me immensely!"

- Karla Garcia

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